EZ Bag Pick-Up Service.
EZ Bag Pick-Up Service.

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Days: N/A

Ton(s): 1 Ton included.

Extra Weight: $40 each additional ton.

DescriptionEZ Bag pricing does not include bag pick up fees. After filling up your bag, call 620-255-0978 to schedule a pick up or schedule online @ www.ez-container.com.
Service Area:
EZ Bag pickup service area is Dodge City, KS an d 6 miles around city limits. Please allow 2 business days for pick up schedule. 
Dump Fees: 
EZ Bag pick up service includes pick up fees and disposal up to 1 ton of weight, additional weight will be billed at $40.00 per ton in addition to pick up fee.
Mileage Fees:
For pick up outside of service area mileage fees will at $3.00 per mile. Please call the office to confirm pick up availability in your area before purchasing your bag.
Bag Capacity: Bag is rated for up to 2500 Lbs.
Pick up Location:  Bag must be placed with in 15 feet from the curb or driveway and must be accessible and free of obstructions for truck to approach for pick up. 

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